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Matching Dog Collars, Harnesses and Leashes. Check out our line of dog collars, harnesses and leashes below.
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Shop for our Matching Dog Collars and Leashes. We carry Lupine and Omnipet brand

Dog Collars and Leashes.

Lupine Matching Dog Collars and Leashes are the most popular and frequently purchased Dog Collars and Leashes by dog owners from all over the world. Lupine Matching Dog Collars and Leashes are adjustable, very attractive and made from the finest workmanship in the USA. These collars and leashes are constructed of high quality materials and designed with a welded steel D-ring and a heavy duty side release clasp.

Omnipet carries the Martingale Nylon Dog Collars for replacement of the traditional choke chains. These Nylon Martingale Dog Collars work as well as choke collars. These Dog Collars prevent your dogs from backing out of their collars. They also tighten when your dog pulls and then relax when your dog stops pulling. The Martingale Dog Collars are a perfect design for breeds with large necks and small heads. Look for our line of Martingale Dog Leashes that will match our Dog Collars or find a coordinating color. The Martingale Style Dog Leashes are designed to exercise your dog, train your dog and show your dog. The Martingale Dog Leashes have a soft flexible neck band with brass rigns and the leather slide is adjustable and prevents your dog from slipping out of the leash and will release in the relaxed position.

Do you like bright colors? Check out our Sunglow Waterproof Dog Collars so you can always spot your dog. These Sunglow Wateproof Dog Collars are great for water, dock dogs or dogs that just love to swim in lakes and pools. You will love these Dog Collars for your hunting dogs. These bright Dog Collars will let them stand out among trees and grass. The Sunglow Waterproof Dog Collars are not only waterproof but "Stink proof". These Dog Collars will last for years as they are manufactured with the highest quality product.

All our Dog Collars and Leashes come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

We carry Lupine® Dog Harnesses and Petedge Dog Harnesses which are bold, cheerful and full of energy – just like your dog.

This fashionable Lupine Dog Harness is fashionable and is sure to be a hit with your furry friend. These Dog Harnesses are easy to put on (and take off). They are step-in style Dog Harnesses which are always a great choice. Lupine's legendary 1" Step-In Dog Harnesses are truly non-restrictive and perfect for big dogs. The Lupine Dog Harness features two adjustment points and a double-D ring for your leash attachment. The Lupine Dog Harness will help reduce the strain on your dog's neck and back, especially at the trachea. Lupine's has a GUARANTEED promise (Even if Chewed)®, we've got you covered. Now that's a guarantee with teeth!

Petedge carries Guardian Gear® Ride Right Class Dog Harnesses which keep your pets safe in the car. The Guardian Gear® Dog Harnesses are made of sturdy nylon, have thick straps to hold your pet securely while the car is in motion. The Dog Harnesses are fully adjustable at the neck and chest for a comfortable fit and are adjustable safety strap which allows your pets to sit, lie down or stand comfortably. These Dog Harnesses are compatible with most vehicle seat belts. (They do not fit SAABS or Ford Explorers)

Petedge also carries a Classic Nylon Two-Step Quick and Easy in Dog Harness which goes on quickly and easily so you can be ready to go in no time. The Nylon Dog Harness is great for extra control without putting strain on your dog’s neck. You’re dog steps into the harness in two simple steps. Unlike the traditional Dog Harnesses with multiple buckles to secure, this Dog Harness has only one quick-release buckle to attach. The Nylon Two-Step Quick and Easy Dog Harness has two leash rings used together to provide extra security. No collars are required.