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Interactive teaching toys, tug o war toys and just plain plush and fluffy toys for your dogs. See our extensive line of all types of dog toys.

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Your dogs will be in toy heaven with our long line of Dog Toys. We have interactive Dog Toys that will keep your dogs busy for hours. Plush Dog Toys for bedtime or just hanging around the house with a fluffy friend. We carry quite a few Kong Dog Toys; featuring Wubba Weaves, Tuggers, Wild Knots, Aqua Knots, Shakers and Cozies. Your dogs will also have a great time with our Hide-A-Toy by Kyjen and Outward Hound.

The Kong Wubba Weaves Dog Toys have nylon tails for a great game of fetch or use as a tug toy. There is an added squeaker on top. This Dog Toy will also clean your dog’s teeth with its durable cotton rope.

The Kong Tuggers Dog Toys are durable plush fabric on the outside and hasa knotted rope on the inside. The rope extends outside to make for a great tug toy. There is very little stuffing so these toys won’t make a mess.

The Kong Tugger Knots Dog Toys work great as adult or puppy toys and come in four different characters. This Dog Toy helps you interact with your dog.

The Kong Wild Knots Dog Toys are very durable on the inside and soft and cuddly on the inside. Some of the Wild Knots Dog Toys have an internal knotted rope and the plush body is extra durable. The Wild Knots Dog Toys have minimal stuffing and contain a squeaker.

The KONG Aqua Knots Dog Toys are soft and cuddly outside but very soft on the inside. The Kong Aqua Knots Dog Toys also have minimal stuffing and a squeaker.

The Kong Caterpillar Shakers Dog Toys bring out the beast in your dog. The center panel allows your dog to grab the Dog Toy and thrash it all around.

The KONG Cozies Dog Toys are a soft and cuddly plush toy with an extra layer of material for extra toughness. Kong Cozies Dog Toys make for a perfect game of fetch.

Is your dog bored? Try our line of Kyjen Hide-A-Bee and the Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel and Hide a Bird Dog Toys. These Dog Toys develop your dog’s intelligence and puzzle-solving skills. Hide 3 of the soft plush squeaker bees in the honeycomb. Your dogs will be so intrigued with this Dog Toy by trying to figure out how to get the bees out of the honeycomb, they will be busy for hours.

This Dog Toy is great for dogs of all ages and breeds.