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Strollers for Dogs

Our line of Dog Strollers are great for taking your dogs outdoors without having to walk them on a leash.

We carry Outward Hound and Guardian Gear® Dog Strollers for your pampered dogs.

Our Dog Strollers will keep your dogs safe and comfortable.

Dogs love riding in our Outward Hound Dog Strollers with their padded bottom, lockable brakes & top shade cover. Our Dog Strollers have mesh panels in the cabin for ventilation and privacy along with a full zip top enclosure to keep your dog inside the stroller. Our Dog Strollers are made of a lightweight tubular steel frame and fold up for easy storage and transport. No tools are required for assembling or disassembling the Dog Stroller. These Dog Strollers have front dual swivel wheels for easy maneuvering.

Holds pets up to 25 lbs.

The Guardian Gear® Roadster II Dog Strollers have a snack tray and cup holder for your convenience. This Dog Stroller also has bottom storage for you and your dog’s essentials. The Guardian Gear® Roaster Dog Stroller comes in a pawprint design accent, reflective side stripes and the rear wheels lock. Our Dog Strollers are made with polyester material. Holds up to 30 lbs.

Safety Precautions:

Do not overload the Dog Stroller. You must adhere to the maximum weight allowed for each of the Dog Strollers for the safety of your pet. It is recommended to use the safety harness or similar restraint.

Never leave your dogs unattended while in the Dog Stroller.

Dog Strollers are not to be used on escalators or stairs. Fold the Dog Stroller and carry it up the escalator or stairs.

The brake must always be used whenever stroller is parked.

Do not place your dog inside the Dog Stroller until you check that the frame is locked in place and the stroller body is secure.

Do not hang heavy items from handles as this may cause the Dog Stroller to become unstable.

In order to not exceed the maximum load capacity, do not carry additional items in the Dog Stroller.